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What are you, my priest?What are you, my priest?

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This a page where you can add quotes that Pauley's character
Abby has made in the NCIS Episodes.

(By Linda666)

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  • I am one of the few people, in this world, who can kill you, and leave no forensic evidence.
  • I can boil you from the inside out and leave no evidence.
  • I don't know if you didn't see my lips moving McGee, but I was talking.
  • We are scientist McGee we don't rely on luck.
  • What is Abby's rule number 1. Do not lie to Abby.
  • No..that was fun. Lie to me agian. It was awesome.
  • Bite your tongue.
  • Did you know...If I find out you knew, I will kill you.
  • You think I just wear these spiky things just for show? (Referring to her handcuffs) I don't!!!
  • Pretty hinky.
  • This gun kills people.
  • McGee you look three cans short of a six pack.
  • McGee I'm pregnant twins Ihaven't told the father yet its Gibbs I know its wrong tjust something about there's just something about that silver that makes me all tingly in side.
  • Ziva gave me this. Cynthia gave me the pepper spray. The knuckles are Director Shepherd's.
  • That's a little creepy McGee maybe you should take the sleeping bag.
  • We're adults McGee we can sleep in the same bed.
  • You getting lonely down there hun?
    • Uh-huh. I call it 'Esophagus with Lye Chaser.' The sad end of a Drano drinker
    • hWhat are you, my priest?at are yovvu, What are you, my priest?my priest?
    • This guy had diarrhea of the keyboard.

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